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Goldyloks and the ThreeBear Beds

Goldilocks Bear Bed

Goldyloks was verrry hungry and tired after a really long day of endless shopping for her bedroom furniture. Then she spied the 3 BearBeds Furniture Emporium which was the name for the Online Absolute Comfort on Sale Bedding Store.

Aha ... maybe I can find the perfect bed here, Goldyloks thought! Upon entering the Emporium, she went directly to the Papa-sized bed, a ComfortMax 400 mattress, and lay down on it. Wow, this is very supportive and firm, but doesn't feel quite right for me...

So, Goldyloks proceeded to the Mama-sized bed, the Majestic Comfort Mattress, and tried it out. Oh what a difference -- this mattress was medium feel, very cushy, but not quite what she was looking for either...

So Goldyloks continued down the aisle to the Youth-sized mattress, a Perfect Comfort Mattress. Aha, this is it, she thought! Fantastically soft and cozy, cradling her in ... that just-right feel. And in her own words, "Just right for me and Teddy!"

Goldyloks noticed that all she had to do was order on-line from AbsoluteComfortonSale.com and she'd have her Perfect Comfort mattress sent directly to her home... and with free shipping too.

No more trudging around from shop to shop for Goldyloks -- she had found her perfect mattress.

The End

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