Specially Engineered Beds for Regular, Big and Over Weight People

Comfort Max Bariatric Mattress

Until now, it has been difficult for the average or over weight American to find a bed with the right amount of extra support without sacrificing comfort. Now with our ComfortMax Series of Beds, we proudly offer one of our finest bed designs with Premium Latex Foam and High Support Factor Base Foams -- made just for them.

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The ComfortMax Plush and the ComfortMax Super are our two most recent additions to this Collection, to expand and complement our ever-popular 300 and 400 Series Mattresses, known for their superb performance and affordability.

ComfortMax Plush has been designed for all individuals of standard body weight (under 250 lbs), with all of the same quality of Premium Talalay Latex and High Support Factor Base Foams. It is a plush and supportive mattress built on a history of performance and durability.

ComfortMax 300 is designed specifically for individuals weighing 250 - 300 lbs. Combining Premium Talalay Latex Layers and High Support Factor Base Foams, we craft each mattress to be firm and supportive enough for your needs.

ComfortMax 400 is specifically designed for individuals weighing 300 - 400 lbs. Combining Premium Talalay Latex, a special Heaviness Shield layer, and High Support Factor Base Foams, each mattress is crafted to be firm and supportive enough for these higher body weights and their frequent style of weight distribution.

ComfortMax Super represents the highest level of Sleep Engineering for extreme body weights, and has been designed for weights up to 800 lbs. This is an extremely supportive and firm mattresses constructed for those who are looking for the firmest and most durable mattress as well as those who need a super duty bariatric mattress due to their weight. Please note that the ComfortMax Super is not compressible, and ships by Truck. This fine mattress is too firm to work on an Adjustable Bed Frame.

Bariatric Foams

State-of-the-art Talalay Latex Foams and Premium High Support Factor Base Foams are combined in our ComfortMax Mattresses to make the world's most comfortable bariatric mattress for obese people. Talalay Latex is odorless, anti-microbial and pest-proof, and can be recycled. It offers the added support and extra comfort needed for a bariatric bed for over weight people.

Most models can be used as a set with our extra durable foundation or as a mattress on an adjustable bed. The ComfortMax Super is only sold as a set which includes the manufacturer's Super Duty Foundation and a Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame, which are required for Warranty Coverage. All our beds and their components are proudly manufactured in the USA for our wonderful plus-size customers!!

ComfortMax Mattresses are not a cure for any conditions of obesity. Those with any such medical condition should seek the advice of their physician.

Sleep Well - Be Well