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Foam Pillows

Whether you prefer a self-adjusting, naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic latex pillow or a fiber pillow, we have a nice selection for you. We understand that proper support for the neck is essential to proper spinal alignment and comfortable mobility throughout the day free from aches and stiffness.

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A Variety of Comfort Pillows

Our Adjustable Latex Pillows are made of pure natural latex rubber. Filled with bite-sized pieces of Organic Natural Latex and covered with Organic Cotton Fabric, you can effortlessly shift the fill in the middle of the night or even adjust the fill level to suit your comfort needs.  Each comes well-packed with foam nuggets to suit the needs of everyone.

Our Adjustable iSense Smart Pillows are made with cubits of specially designed foam, engineered for maximum comfort and adjustability. Every feature of these unique pillows has been tailored for ease of use and comfort -- all the way down to the shape of the foam cubits. And for the techies, each comes with an insertable Sleep Monitor that coordinates with a specialty App for monitoring the quality of your sleep.

Our Selection of Fine Pillows wouldn't be complete without some simpler performance-grade hotel pillows! We offer a Gold Pillow and a Non-Down Pillow, both adding simple comfort to your ensemble.

Because everybody sells fancy pillows these days, we've chosen just a few unique, high quality, and industry-tested pillows to offer at Absolute Comfort on Sale.

Sleep Well - Be Well