The Best Pillow is Adjustable
The Best Pillow is Adjustable The Best Pillow is Adjustable The Best Pillow is Adjustable

What Makes a Pillow Ideal?

A comfortable and deeply restful sleep is essential for a great day, and we've found that the best pillow is one that easily adjusts to your sensitivities and needs. Adjustable now and tomorrow; adjustable in the middle of the night and as often as you need a little different support or softness. But not a different pillow every season!

"We have slept on our [Hevea] pillows for two weeks now and have retired our other pillows. After two weeks, I have noticed no neck pains, and found that as I sleep and my head shifts positions, the foam pieces in the pillow reposition for a comfortable sleep. Try this pillow with confidence." -- Frederick & Diane, AR

 The Best Adjustable Pillows

Our Premium Adjustable Pillows have been carefully designed with an inner fabric enclosure, tucked inside a plush and cozy outer cover. The inner enclosure retains the foam nuggets separate from the plush cover, and also prevents them from accidentally spilling out on your bed unintentionally. We offer two exceptional pillows -- one filled with Superior Organic Dunlop Latex, and the other with Specialized Foam Cubits engineered for maximum cozy support and cooling airflow.

Best of all -- they're super-easy to adjust! Adjust the overall feel by adding or removing foam nuggets ... adjust the support characteristics as you sleep with a little squeeze or push here or there. Hey, they love it -- the nuggets flow and dance with it -- and want you to be comfy.

Adjustable Shredded Latex Pillow

Adjustable Latex Pillow

Our Hevea Pillow is filled with shreddies of Certified Organic Dunlop Latex along with nuggets of CertiPur Shredded Foam, for discerning sleepers who are concerned about using a friendly and cozy product. Encased in double organic cotton zippered enclosures, this is the Best Latex Adjustable Pillow available.

Due to the widely varying needs of sleepers, these pillows come well-packed with their unique foam fill. In fact, the first thing to do is to adjust the feel -- storing the extra latex nuggets in a Zip-Lock baggie for easy access.

Adjustable SMART Pillow

Adjustable Smart Foam Pillow

The Adjustable SMART Pillow is a product of iSense Sleep, and represents the culmination of tremendous research and testing into the best materials, design, and concept for an adjustable pillow. It is one smart pillow that is truly capable of meeting just about every sleeper's needs, even down to the design of their foam cubit filling.

A cooling pillow whose foam filling flows comfortably to support your changing sleep position and needs throughout the night, it is almost as if the pillow whispers in your ear, "I am here to serve". For the techies and fitness pros, the manufacturer also sells a proprietary Rest on Sleep Tracker Pad with iPhone App that monitors your sleep patterns and helps you to optimize your best sleep.

Smart Pillow Monitor

And if you're into "smart technology" then you'll find this one smart pillow -- it comes with its own Smart Pillow Insert for tracking your sleep patterns for better health. Naturally, you can view all the data right on your own phone with their handy app.

Smart Pillow App

Smart Pillow Summary

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