Adjustable Orthomatic Bed by Leggett Platt
Adjustable Orthomatic Bed by Leggett Platt Adjustable Orthomatic Bed by Leggett Platt Adjustable Orthomatic Bed by Leggett Platt Adjustable Orthomatic Bed by Leggett Platt

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Did you know you spend one-third of your life in bed? Your bedroom is not just a place to catch a few Z's. With an adjustable bed and adjustable mattress, it can become a sanctuary for your personal lifestyle -- a relaxing environment where you have time to reflect, read a book, catch up on some work, watch television, meditate or recuperate...

At the touch of a button, these electric beds move to countless positions to support your head, neck, upper and lower back, hips, legs and feet. Most of these Adjustable Bed Frames are also massage beds that will help relieve tired, sore muscles and reduce everyday tension and fatigue. Now is the time to pamper yourself every time you go to bed with the highest quality, trouble-free adjustable bed and adjustable mattress available -- an (orthomatic) adjustable bed sleep system. These electric beds are a must for today's active lifestyle!

The importance of a sound and restful night's sleep to health has been known to medical professionals for many years, and remains an age-old and common doctor's prescription.

Adjustable Orthomatic Bed Features

Common to All Listed Models

  • Wireless Remote in various styles
  • 850 lb Rated Weight Capacity
  • Adjustable Head and Foot Lift
  • Adjustable Support Legs
  • Under-Bed Light
  • Auto Power-Down Mode
  • Lie Flat Button
  • Smart Phone Interface (Optional Some Models)
  • Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King & Cal King

Whether recommended by your physician or your own personal comfort choice, every Adjustable Bed by Leggett Platt brings the ultimate in relaxation, deep sleep and good health. We have four adjustable electric bed platforms by Leggett Platt with a wide variety of features and options to choose from.

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The Falcon is our standard adjustable electric bed model without massage or programmable buttons on the remote, or premium features like a dedicated zero-gravity button. This is not a wall-hugger model, but offers all of the most desirable features at an economical price. Please see the pictoral chart comparison of special features.

Adjustable Bed Light

The S-Cape and Simplicity are exceptional full featured adjustable electric beds, offering premium features such as Full Body Wave Massage for therapeutic relaxation, and a Zero-Gravity Button for resting in a zero grav position. The S-Cape is our Wall-Hugger version which adjusts automatically to maintain wall proximity as the head of the bed is raised. Please see the pictoral chart comparison of special features.

Adjustable Bed Leg

The Prodigy is our top-of-the-line luxury adjustable electric bed with all of the most modern features such as a unique pillow tilt feature for neck and cranial comfort, a nap timer, a cutting-edge wireless capacitive touch remote control, and convenient USB power ports. This is a Wall-Hugger model that keeps your furniture arrangement and decor spaced just the way you like it.

Adjustable Bed USB Ports

For further reference, visit our Adjustable Bed Q&A page for valuable information including answers to questions such as 'Why is an adjustable bed better than a regular bed?,' 'How will an adjustable help me sleep better?,' 'How do I pick the right adjustable bed for me -- Are they all the same?,' and others.

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