Ultimate Big Boy Bed Renewal Pad

Ultimate Extra Firm Bed Renewal Pad -- XXW

Protect Your Mattress From Cratering

We build them tough and durable. This is one XXW Mattress Pad you're likely to fall in love with! By adding extra firm support to your bed, get ready to enjoy a refreshing mattress renewal and freedom from uncomfortable sinkholes.

If you're not ready to buy a new mattress, or your weight or build causes ordinary mattresses to develop potholes, here's a mattress saver option just for you! This is a very firm mattress topper designed to evenly distribute immense body weight, and aid those who spend most of their time in bed.

Some people are built extra large like tanks, others like pears or apples. Our 3" Big Man & Plus Woman Bed Renewal Pad XXW is built for you of incredibly resilient materials, for lively strong support. Works perfectly also for those who may be big, overweight, or obese (XXW).

We also offer a 2" Extra Firm Mattress Pad that works quite well for those who are not super big or heavy, but who do want a firmer sleep surface or a renewal of their existing mattress. Get ready for firmer -- but comfortable -- support!

The CoolMax upholstered fabric covering helps wick away moisture to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Anti-skid bottom helps avoid slipping.

Extra Firm Big Boy & Plus Girl Bed Renewal Pad

Extra Firm Big Boy Bed Pad

 Inches Material
0.25" CoolMax Upholstered Cover
2" or 3" High Density 61 ILD Super Resilient Poly Foam
2"+ or 3"+ Heavy Duty Extra Firm Bariatric Mattress Renewal Pad


This Extra Firm Mattress Pad Topper is intended to be used on top of an existing mattress. Please make sure that your foundation and frame are sturdy and level, with proper support. Use of a Removable Mattress Pad Cover is also recommended for protection and easy cleaning.

Each Mattress Topper is a specialty product made-to-order here in the USA.

See also: Shipping and Order Cancellation Policies.

 Bariatric Man

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