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Gold Hotel Pillows Gold Pillow

Hotel Pillow Standards

At the demands of hotels and patrons alike, our Gold Hotel Pillows have been designed with that grade of fullness and support in mind. For those who prefer silky softness, the Ultra Down Pillow is the winning choice.

Ultra Non-Down Premium Pillow

Ultra Non-Down is our premium down-alternative pillow that feels like a cross between a down pillow and a silk pillow. Its silky smooth and medium feel represent the best of pillow technology in the form of a Spiral Silicone Fiber fill, and a clean, micro-denier fabric cover.

It looks ordinary, until you squeeze it! The specialized fill glides magically inside the pillow, all the while providing a medium level off supportive softness. We should have called this "The Magic Pillow" for the incredible feel it offers.

Gold Hotel Pillow

Our Premium Hotel Grade Pillow, offers the level of fullness and support demanded by Great Hotels. And that is why it is called the "Gold Pillow" -- it represents the gold standard of pillows used by discriminating hotel chains and customers.

Offering a medium level of feel and support, the Gold Pillow is a good all-around pillow without the need for fancy bells and whistles of expensive and often gimmicky name-brand pillows. This pillow is easy to identify by its gold thread stitching around the perimeter.

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