Majestic Comfort Memory Foam and Latex Mattress

The Most Comfortable Foam Mattress

We are pleased to present the most comfortable and luxurious health mattress in our collection of memory foam sleep products. Our Most Comfortable Mattress also pairs perfectly with an Adjustable Bed Frame (sold separately) for truly absolute comfort -- at your fingertips!

Majestic Comfort combines the latest in healthy sleep technology with luxury living. Moving beyond the revolutionary visco foam mattress, we have added tri-zoned latex for added resiliency, support and durability. This luxury health bed has it all. A two-way stretch knit is woven into imported premium Belgian Damask fabric, providing a super-soft touch on the surface of the European pillow box top. The Cool Max® fabric most efficiently wicks away moisture and adds long-lasting cooling comfort and durability.

Underneath the top layer is a full 4" of visco elastic foam designed by NASA to sense your body's temperature and weight. Memory foam conforms to the contours of your body and relieves pressure points, thereby reducing tossing and turning which disrupts deep sleep. The 6" of Tri Zone Latex core is uniquely zoned in three layers to maximize your body's balanced support and overall comfort. Majestic Comfort is the all-new luxury health bed – engineered and priced so you can enjoy the best rest of your life!

Majestic Comfort Mattress from Top to Bottom

Majestic Comfort Matress Corner

  • 12.5-inch high profile precision-tailored European Box Pillow Top, as compared with similar memory foam mattresses which have an 8 – 10 inch profile such as Tempurpedic, Sealy, Simmons and Serta mattresses.
  • Covered in imported Premium Belgian Damask fabric, woven with an exclusive two-way stretch knit that allows you to sink gently into the surface of the mattress. The fabric is Dupont's Cool Max state-of-the-art performance fabric, engineered to be fast drying and providing the ability to most effectively wick away moisture. Did you know that we lose about 1/4 liter of fluid every night! Nike, The Gap, and other brand name apparel manufacturers use this revolutionary material. Some people experience trouble sleeping due to heat build up, but Cool Max fabrics help to keep the body cool and dry throughout the night, allowing for a deeper, more peaceful sleep.
  • The top of the mattress is tack-and-jump-quilted with 1.5" of Hyperloft Foam. Hyperloft foam is a specialty memory foam that resists compression and body impressions over time. The tack and jump quilting gives the surface of the mattress a superior loft and lightness. This quilting combination is the hallmark of the Majestic Comfort mattress with its superior, durable, soft-luxurious quality.
  • 3" wide reinforced edge support made of 1.6 density foam with an ILD of 42 found only in the highest quality beds. This additional support provides greater stability, prevents sagging and adds an additional 25%-30% sleeping surface. And at no extra cost to you.
  • 4" of 5 lb density visco elastic memory foam complete the European Box Pillow Top of this super-luxurious latex-foam mattress. This layer provides that great memory foam feel of being cradled and supported in softness and comfort. We use the best visco foam available with faster "memory" for a quicker recovery time, allowing for movement during sleep without the tendency to fall back into previous body impressions.
  • 6 inches of Tri Zone Latex foam forms the base of the mattress. Latex is a natural material used for its inherent ability to conform dynamically to the body's contours. It's naturally occurring ventilation holes create air chambers that allow the mattress to breathe. The circulating air keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Latex is hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial – it will not support mold, mildew or bacteria. Our Tri Zone Latex foam is engineered to be more supportive where you need it the most. Different size holes in three different zones of the mattress provide variations of body support. Larger holes provide a softer zone for the head, legs and feet, while smaller holes in the center of the latex core allow for a firmer back support.
  • 8 inch DuraLife Foundation. Kiln dried Yellow Southern Pine with our matching Belgium Damask Cover. This solid wood foundation is more durable than the conventional coil spring foundation.

Latex Core Foam

High Density Core Support Foam

How Majestic Comfort's Inches Add Up

 1.0" Mattress Cover It starts with Imported Belgian Damask CoolMax® Fabric, Quilted to 1.7 oz of Dacron Fiber
1.5" Hyperloft Foam A specialty foam which resists compression and body impressions -- for another super comfortable layer
4.0" Memory Foam Premium 5 lb Density Visco-Elastic Memory Foam
6.0" Support Foam Heavy Duty, Firm Latex Core Foam supports the entire mattress for unfatiguing luxury support
12.5" Profile A full 12 1/2 inch profile of Majestic Comfort, Luxury, and Support.


We understand some of you have bed furniture which does not allow for the extra comfort of a foundation. For this reason, we have made the purchase of our Majestic Comfort Latex Mattress available with or without foundation.

 Ruth M from Virginia Says --
"Your Majestic Mattress really is the most comfortable and nicest mattress I've ever slept on. It never occurred to me that there are really horrible mattresses -- that is, until we stayed at a hotel recently while visiting family. Oh my! That hotel mattress was noisy, saggy, and had a dead feeling in its depth despite the initially soft and cozy surface. Thanks so much for your wonderful Majestic Mattress."


White Glove Delivery is available to most locations. With this service, the Delivery Agents will bring your new bed inside, set it up in your bedroom, and remove boxes and bags. Please speak with one of our Sales Agents about pricing and availability to your area at (800) 508-1008.

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