Comfort Max 400 Mattress for 350 - 400 lbs
Comfort Max 400 Mattress for 350 - 400 lbs Comfort Max 300 Mattress for 250 - 300 lbs Comfort Max Plush Mattress for Every Sleeper Specialty Bed: Comfort Max Big and Heavy Series Specialty Bed: Comfort Max Big and Heavy Series

Comfort Max Specialty Beds

Specialty mattresses and beds designed for maximum comfort -- for average as well as big people; heavy and obese sleepers. Made with premium latex foam rubber and very high support factor foams, each model is designed to provide durable and long-lasting support. Premium latex foam has always been the preferred choice in luxury bedding. The Comfort Max Plush, 300 and 400 are 10" of Absolute Comfort; and 13" for the Comfort Max King specialty mattress. Note: these mattresses work with Adjustable Bed frames.

Comfort Max Plush -- Up to 250 lbs

Designed for plush comfort and supportive sleep every night. We use only the highest quality foams in our Comfort Max Plush specialty mattress for durability and feel, both of which are essential. This fine and cozy mattress features premium latex foam for its comfort and initial support layers. A fine addition to our Comfort Max mattress line, designed specifically for those of ordinary body weight.

Comfort Max 300 -- 250 to 300 lbs

Designed with firmer and more robust foams to provide the extra support and comfort required for heavier, larger sleepers. Each Comfort Max 300 specialty mattress is made with just the support and comfort required for your weight. This mattress features a thick and very firm Dunlop Latex layer and a High Density Weight Distributing layer on top of High Density Super Poly Foam Base.

Comfort Max 400 -- 300 to 400 lbs

Designed with the firmest and most robust of high support factor foams, the Comfort Max 400 bariatric specialty mattress has been refined to support both the weight and shape of big and heavy sleepers of this class. Customer tested and loved! Starting with 2" of very firm Dunlop Latex, and supported by 3" of High Density Weight Distributing Foam of an extreme 61 ILD, this mattress rests on a core of High Density Super Weight Distributing Support Foam for non-fatiguing support.

Comfort Max King Roque -- up to 500 lbs

Our super-durable specialty mattress is designed for everyone wanting the best and most supportive mattress made -- featuring three comfort levels along with firm and unbeatable support that won't let you down. It is also specifically suitable for those who are very large and heavy and whose needs demand only the most durable mattress available.

The Comfort Max King achieves its incredible support by means of specialty pocketed coils and heavy duty foams, and is topped with your choice of comfort foams for a medium, firm, or extra-firm feel.

Comfort Max Adjustable Beds

Mattresses carefully constructed with these specialty foam layers make a remarkably comfortable and supportive bed for heavy people. Comfort Max specialty mattresses can generally be used with bariatric furniture. All work well paired with an Adjustable Electric Bed Frame.

ComfortMax Specialty Mattress Comparison

Comfort Max Plush Comfort Max 300 Comfort Max 400 Comfort Max King
Up to 250 lbs 250 to 300 lbs 300 to 400 lbs 400 to 500 lbs
10" Profile 10" Profile 10" Profile 13" Profile
4" Premium Latex Foam 23 & 36 ILD 3" Premium Latex Foam 44 ILD 2" Premium Latex Foam 44 ILD 1.5" 20 IFD / 36 IFD / 50 IFD Comfort Foam over 1" Super Duty Support Foam
---- 3" Super High Support Factor Bariatric Foam 3061 3" Super High Support Factor Bariatric Foam 3061
8.0" Multi-Pocket Super Duty Coil Springs
6" High Support Factor Vital Base Foam 2455 4" High Support Factor Vital Base Foam 2560 5" High Support Factor Vital Base Foam 2560
1.0" Super Duty Support Foam


On the Beautiful Micro-Lux Fabric Cover & Foundation

The luxurious Micro-Lux Cotton-blended fabric is woven soft to the touch and designed to provide years of restful sleep. Micro-Lux is a handsome handsome tone-on-tone mattelaise pattern-in-the-fabric cloth. Mattelaise is the latest fashion in the bedding industry used by leading manufacturers. It's four-way stretching ability assists in reducing uncomfortable pressure often caused by firm feeling non-stretch fabrics.

We offer matching heavy duty foundations for each of the Comfort Max Mattresses. The Comfort Max Super is the only mattress for which use of the Manufacturer's foundation and a heavy duty bed frame are required. Please note that the King and Cal King sizes of foundation come in two side-by side units -- termed a "split foundation" -- for ease of shipping and moving around the house.


Many sizes of mattress only shipments will compress and ship by FedEx Ground. For customized mattresses and larger bed sizes, as well as mattress and foundation combinations, shipping by truck (LTL) is required. Please ask for a White Glove Delivery Quote if you'd like your new bed brought inside your home and set up -- (800) 508-1008.

See also: Shipping and Order Cancellation Policies.

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