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We offer one of the largest selections of mattress toppers on the web, each with its own features and enhancements. Some are ideal for those who prefer a very soft surface and some are more ideal for those who would like a very firm layer of support. Some mattress pads have a gentle cooling effect, while others are specially designed to provide maxmimum cooling.

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    For those who are seeking a mattress pad to overcome the effects of a very firm or hard mattress, we suggest one of our memory foam mattress pads.  Memory foam densities range from 2.5 lb to 5 lb densities. They all are basically very softening, but each has its own special quality. In general we tend to recommend the 4lb density in the 2" or 3" height -- it has just the right amount of "give".

    For those who are looking for a combination of comfort and support for their mattress, the CoolMax upholstered mattress pad toppers are a good choice. Each begins with premium memory foam, adding fine quilted CoolMax fabric and comfy quilting foams to create a plush comfort zone in each CoolMax Topper.

    For those who are looking for more firmness in a topper or for special orthopedic support, we recommend the CoolMax Topper made with 5 lb Memory Foam or our Extra Firm Mattress Topper, otherwise known as a Big Boy Ultimate Bed Renewal Pad. The Extra Firm Mattress Topper really is extra firm -- sporting a 61 ILD Super Weight Distributing Specialty Poly Foam core.

    The Extra Firm Big Boy& Plus Girl Mattress Topper is an exception to the general rule that mattress toppers cannot correct a mattress with indentations or soft spots. Unless your mattress is severely failing, the characteristics of this super foam topper will even out your mattress and provide a firm and even sleep surface. For heavier sleepers, this is a perfect way to preserve your mattress and help prevent early failure.

    For those who seek to upgrade their mattress to a very plush level of comfort we highly recommend the Ultimate Copper Memory Foam mattress pad or the Ultimate Copper Latex foam mattress pad. Other options would be the SleepZone Plus, Ambience Plus, and Serenity Plus memory foam toppers. All are available in plush densities, and offered with zippered mattress pad enclosures for a slightly more supportive layer of luxury.

    For those who wish for comfort with economy, we recommend our Memory Foam Toppers -- Sleep Zone Plus, Serenity Plus, Ambient Plus, and CoolCopper. Each is a breathable foam with specialty qualities that provide a unique sleep experience. Ultimate affordability with free shipping -- and any of these fine memory foam toppers will greatly enhance a basic firm mattress.

    For more information on Memory Foam Mattress Toppers, click the linked text.

    A Cooling or Heating Mattress Pad:  ChiliTechnology offers Chili Pads, which give you individualized control over your side of the bed. Designed to provide either warming or cooling at the touch of a button, the Chilipad is a true life saver -- and energy saver too.

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