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Our Absolute Comfort on Sale Store has offered highest quality Memory Foam Mattress Toppers at everyday sale prices for over 15 years. In addition to our Serenity Plus, and Ambience Plus memory foam mattress pad toppers, we also offer the ever-popular CoolMax Upholstered Toppers and Ultimate CoolCopper Toppers, elsewhere on this website.

Zippered Bamboo Mattress Cover

Each topper now ships in its own Bamboo-Blend Topper Enclosure

Serenity Plus is a 3 lb soft, yet high support-factor, memory foam that is excellent for pressure point relief. Unlike traditional memory foams, this specialty memory foam retains consistent body support and does not soften with body warmth. Comes wrapped in Knit Bamboo Blend Zippered Enclosure with non-skid bottom.

Ambience Plus is a 4 lb medium-soft breathable memory foam. Its specialty design is maximum cooling airflow throughout the foam, at which it excels making it one of the superior cooling memory foam mattress pad toppers. Ambience Plus also offers good pressure point relief, and comes wrapped in Knit Bamboo Blend Zippered Enclosure with non-skid bottom.

Absolute Comfort on Sale's Best Memory Foam Toppers all come with a zippered enclosure to enhance and protect your new topper. Happy beds and happy customers are our goal, and we aim to please!

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