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Memory Foam has the unique properties of exceptional softness and orthopedic support. Originally developed for use in the NASA space program, scientists developed memory foam to help cushion the astronauts from the impact of g-forces. The product was so successful that several medical applications were subsequently developed, including hospital beds for burn victims and those who are bed ridden.

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Some of the special properties of visco elastic memory foam include relief from pressure points, conforming to the shape of the body, and responding to the body's temperature. Memory foam “gives” gently just where needed; and at the same time, it rises up and supports the body just where it should. People feel they are being cradled in softness and support night after night. Additional Information is available on our Memory Foam Review Page.



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Performance Latex Mattresses

Latex Foam mattresses are known for orthopedic support and their luxurious quality. Latex foam is rubber that has been transformed into a superb and aerated cushioning material which, by its inherent nature, uniquely supports body weight distribution. Latex Foam mattresses often feel slightly firmer than memory foam mattresses -- a perception often resulting from the lively resilience of latex.

Latex offers a slightly bouncier and more resilient feel, which also works extremely well in combination with other foams since this allows an extended range of mattress comfort configurations. And the inclusion of ILD-specific Talalay Latex now offers its expanded range of comfort choices to discerning sleepers.

Hybrid Foam Mattresses

Hybrid Foam Mattresses are a combination of foam bedding with other technologies, such as Innerspring Core and Air Supprt. But wait! -- modern options include some really superb cutting-edge bedding choices that are truly leading the bedding industry in a new direction.

Classic Vinyl Airbed Mattresses are the Original Best Air beds! Made in the USA of all American-Made components, these classic styles are handsome, durable, and offer a lifetime of adjustable sleep comfort.

If you aren't totally sure, we also include below a couple of excellent mattress topper options for your review and consideration. Sometimes all that's needed is a little Tender-Loving-Care!


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