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Infinitely The Best Mattress

 iSense Mattress Trial Warranty

How do you describe a mattress that combines the best features of a premium foam, air, or spring support system with an innovate and revolutionary adjustable support and firmness-adjusting technology? iSense -- that's how!

Industry leaders have distilled the best features of premium bedding systems, and then added a remarkably responsive adjustable firmness control. Best of all, dual controls allow the two sides of larger bed sizes to be adjusted independently.

The Mattress that Feels Like a Big Hug

The most innovative FOAM mattress combines premium bedding foams with on-demand digitally adjustable comfort. Covered in a handsome but soft fabric, each iSense Foam Mattress incorporates Varifoam (TM) technology and ThermaPhase (TM) Gel-Infused Memory Foam with their exclusive Infinity Comfort Adjustable Firmness System.

The Infinity Comfort Air Mattress

In the outstanding tradition of AIR mattresses, iSense pairs their exclusive Infinity Comfort Adjustable Firmness System with traditional air chambers, premium visco-elastic memory foam, and heat absorbing foam layers to keep you cool and comfortable. Speedy firmness adjustment and superior materials and workmanship come together in this truly Heavenly Mattress.

The Adjustable Mattress with a Little Bounce

An Adjustable SPRING Mattress -- you bet! On-demand adjustable comfort combines with the luxurious features of a Premium Innerspring Mattress for a sublimely comfortable experience. Varicoil (TM) technology provides plushness with on-demand adjustable firmness, utilizing individually wrapped premium coils.

These outstanding features are enhanced by precision construction, and complemented with premium, luxurious fabrics and high density premium Energex Foam.

Every iSense Mattress

Every iSense Adjustable Firmness Mattress carries the manufacturer's 120 Day Trial Period and 10 Year Warranty. And adjustable Firmness control is accessed through a convenient App on your favorite smartphone.

iSense Mattress App

All versions of the iSense Mattress work on Adjustable Bed Frames.

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