The Perfect Memory Foam Mattress

Perfect Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

Each of our Fine Memory Foam Beds incorporates NASA-developed visco elastic foam or memory foam. Memory Foam literally revolutionized how we sleep, by introducing a new technology capable of providing greater responsive comfort along with perfect orthopedic support. Our memory foam mattresses and bed toppers offer superior features and options, at Everyday Sale Prices!

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Benefits of Sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress

There are few things in life so comfortable as a memory foam mattress set. Also known as visco-elastic polyurethane foam, memory foam is truly a space-age product. The scientists' aim was to create a foam dense enough to ease the pressure of extreme g-forces from rocket propulsion. Since those days, memory foam has been found useful in many other commercial applications principally as memory foam mattresses and pillows.

What are the benefits of a memory foam bed? To begin, because of memory foam's superior density it is able to absorb motion. This means that, when your partner moves in the night, his or her movements won't wake you up. Motion is absorbed by the foam and never reaches your side of the bed. This makes a memory foam bed far superior to an inner spring mattress where every little movement spreads across the the bed.

Memory foam also molds to your body shape, cradling your body in comfort. Designed to respond to your body weight and warmth, this exceptional support foam more evenly supports body weight -- as if the bed were specially tailored to your sleeping needs. As a result, customers find they are no longer tossing and turning in the night. As a responsive foam, you'll notice the bed will slowly, surely return to its original form when you move around or leave the bed.

Memory Foam Beds

A memory foam bed set is the ultimate balance of comfort and support, soft but not too soft. In fact NASA developed visco elastic memory foam was initially used commercially by medically bedridden patients to alleviate the pain and pressure of bed sores. It was able to accomplish this because the foam provides just the right amount of cushioning for perfect comfort and support over extended periods of time.

The first memory foam beds were very expensive and used for primarily for special medical purposes. Today, memory foam is popular and much lower priced -- but still just as effective. All around the world, people are becoming familiar with its healing effects; though we do recommend American-Made foams for their superior quality and performance.

The extra support of a memory foam mattress set disperses pressure away from the vertebrae and improves spinal alignment. It also serves as an orthopedic bed, relieving pressure point pains caused by conditions such as arthritis. Since switching to a memory foam mattress, users report a lessening of aches and pains, a more satisfying sleep, and an overall improvement in functioning as a result of all its benefits.

Once you get back to a solid night's rest, you'll find that stress levels are reduced and energy levels are higher than ever. The most important purpose of sleep is deep rest and rejuvenation, and has been found that people who sleep well are less likely to suffer from heart disease, strokes, and diabetes.

Memory Foam Mattresses at Absolute Comfort on Sale

We offer a wide range of memory foam mattress sets, all at the best prices. Choose our most luxurious Majestic Comfort memory foam and latex mattress -- composed of both memory foam and latex foams -- or one of our more affordable Perfect Comfort memory foam mattress sets. They're all a great deal for superb comfort. (See also -- Memory Foam Mattress Review)

And for the ultimate in comfort options, we again offer the Original Classic Vinyl Airbed Mattresses with Memory Foam. Or pair your new Memory Foam Mattress with one of our fine Adjustable Electric Beds by Leggett & Platt. With four outstanding models to choose from, we have one that is sure to fit your lifestyle and budget! (See also -- Adjustable Bed Q & A)

Please note that memory foam is not for everyone. We do not recommend it for those who weigh over 250 lbs. At Absolute Comfort on Sale, we've also designed special Heavy Weight, Heavy Duty Mattresses for those with a little extra weight -- or a lot of extra weight -- and are able to customize all of our mattresses including the bariatric models (see below).


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