Tempur-Pedic Review Comparison

Here we compare our memory foam products, including our three best and most popular visco elastic memory foam mattresses, and several brands of memory foam mattress pad toppers such as SleepZone Plus, Serenity Plus, Ambience Plus, and the CoolMax Upholstered 4 & 5 lb Premium Toppers. In each case, we offer the best memory foam products at every day sale prices.

Foam Made in the USA


Our foams are manufactured right here in the USA and come to you factory direct. How is it we can offer you such great savings for a similar, and in some cases, superior products? We do not rely on super-cheap imported foams and gimmicky sales hype, and do not conduct massive and very expensive national advertising campaigns! Absolute Comfort on Sale, a Division of Ultimate Sleep, Inc is a Customer and Product Oriented Business -- we are here in service to our Customers!

You will see in this Review Comparison that all memory foam mattresses, like our Perfect Comfort, Perfect Comfort Plus, and Majestic Comfort models, are composed of layers of various types of foam, such as NASA developed memory foam, poly foams and latex foams.

All memory foam mattresses, including all of our high quality memory foam mattresses, are composed of different combinations of foam layered up one upon the other. The most important differences between memory foam mattresses result from the sequence, thickness and density of the various foam layers, as well as the types of foam used and the design of the fabric cover.

Benefits of Memory Foam

Some memory foam mattresses are designed to be more firm and supportive, and others are engineered to be more giving and luxurious feeling. In every case, a memory foam mattress offers a very unique and special sleeping experience. NASA developed memory foam adjusts to your body's weight and temperature and cradles you in comfort and support. It is very satisfying that so many of our customers report the improvements they experience in quality of sleep -- including relief from physical tension and pressure points. Many have said that they not only sleep better, but feel better too.

Our Memory Foam Mattresses & Toppers

  • Majestic Comfort Memory Foam and Latex Foam Mattress
  • Perfect Comfort Plus Memory Foam Mattress
  • Perfect Comfort Memory Foam Mattress
  • SleepZone Plus Memory Foam Pad
  • Serenity Plus Memory Foam Pad
  • Ambience Plus Memory Foam Pad
  • ComfortMax Memory Foam Pads 4 & 5 lb

For more information on Memory Foam Toppers, be sure to read our Memory Foam Guide Pages

Apart from discussing the design and construction differences, a Memory Foam Review would not be complete without also giving some explanation of the differences in services we offer. In the case of our memory foam mattresses, we Ship Free to every state within the 48 States of the USA and specialize in customizing mattress to the needs of our Customers.

Please Note: Our mattresses and foams are all made in the USA of the best materials available, and offered at a fair price. We do not condone the use of imported foams of lesser quality in mattresses that are later dressed up in slick presentations with too-good-to-be-true pricing.

Sleep Well - Be Well