Specialty and Custom Beds!

Specialty Bed

We have some great specialty mattresses and custom made mattresses geared to your special needs. We human beings come in different shapes and sizes, and know how important a good night's sleep is for all. Here we present some of the specialty bed or specialty mattress options that can be customized to your needs. Our new line of specialty beds, specialty mattresses, special size beds, and custom mattresses have been designed with our customers in mind.

Are you extra tall and looking for a special size bed? A Full XL bed is for those who could do with some extra legroom in a full size mattress, and is now a Custom Option. Most of our regular mattresses are customizable, and can be made to your precise specifications!

Maybe you are extra big or extra large and in need of a special mattress with extra support? Comfort Max 300, 400, and Super models are specialty mattresses that offer more support for the extra big or overweight. These specially designed mattresses are made with Premium Latex foam, offering a comfortable, resilient, and durable sleep surface that is also odorless, anti-microbial and pest-resistant. The Comfort Max bed series offers more support and greater durability than a traditional bed for those who are like a really firm mattress, or are heavy or extra heavy.

Please note that the ComfortMax Super is the only mattress we carry that does not work on an Adjustable Electric Bed. Because it is designed for extremely heavy weights, its stiffness does not support a bed that articulates -- moving the head and/or feet up and down.

When it Comes to a Special Need Bed, We've Got It Covered

iSense Foam Mattress

Are you looking for an extra firm bed or extra soft bed -- or an adjustable comfort mattress? Our newest iSense Mattress line has all the options in plush spring, medium air, and more resilient foam options -- that all adjust within their own range -- at your fingertips! If you desire an extra firm bed or extra soft bed, these revolutionary mattresses offer it all -- in one mattress. Please call for more information.

We also offer mattress foundations in a variety of heights for customers who would like their bed a little higher or lower off the ground. You may even have a special need bed requirement that we have not covered... no problem! A custom made mattress or bed especially for you: Give us a call and one of our Sales Agents will help you design your own custom bed.

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