Ultimate Chili Bed Warming & Cooling Pad
Ultimate Chili Bed Warming & Cooling Pad Ultimate Chili Bed Warming & Cooling Pad Ultimate Chili Bed Warming & Cooling Pad

The Ultimate Cooling & Warming Pad

Is your bedroom or mattress warmer or cooler than you would like? Do you get your best sleep at a different night time temperature from your partner? Looking for an energy efficient alternative to heating or cooling the entire house to that perfect temperature? Then take a look at the Chilipad – a revolutionary bed heater (and cooler) that is both effective and energy efficient. We can confidently proclaim: This is the best among them all!

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Although the ChiliPad is electrically powered, you don’t have to worry about noise, EMFs, or electrical wires interfering with your sleep comfort. The most up to date technology adjusts the temperature of circulating water in these mattress pads, allowing them to function as a bed warmer or cooler.

Incorporating semi-conductor technology for temperature control – 46 degrees to 118 degrees F – and new super-quiet motors are now under 20 decibels, the Ultimate Chili Mattress Warmer / Cooler is designed for ultimate sleep comfort. On top of that, they are medically proven to increase restful REM sleep during the night.

Best of all, poochy or kitty’s claws will not harm or puncture the special high quality medical grade silicone rubber tubing used in these unique mattress warmer / cooler pads.

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A Dual Zone, Dual Voltage Mattress Heating Pad

Dual zoned models function independently, allowing you and your partner to separately choose the temperature that is most ideal for each person. The dual zone models come in Queen size, standard King size and California King size. Single zone models are available in Twin, Twin XL and Full (double size).

Each zone of the ChiliPad bed warmer pad is controlled by its own hand held remote, allowing fine adjustments in one degree increments. The pads themselves are held in place on top of your mattress (underneath the sheets) by corner straps.

By heating or cooling your mattress, rather than your entire house, and by utilizing state-of-the-art technology, you can save up to 15% off your energy bill. These amazing pads work well with all types of mattresses including memory foam and latex, because they were designed with natural stretch materials. The machine washable fabric is 150 thread count poly-cotton blend, filled with polyester fill and super durable silicone tubing (wash on delicate setting). All of this helps provide a more restful sleep and improved sleep comfort.

Chili Pad Warranty

We do our best to ship Chili Pad Bed Warmers / Coolers promptly. However, due to high demand, it is ultimately based upon availability from the manufacturer. Each unit comes with a Manufacturer's 90 Day Trial Period and a 2-Year Limited Warranty. Weight limit on the pad is 500 lbs per zone. Please use a mattress cover to protect your investment.

  • Now with a quieter fan under 20 decibels
  • Now with programmable off and on times
  • Now with an automatic 12 hour shut off

Save more on your order when you buy a Chilipad Sleep Comfort Mattress Warmer / Cooler along with a one of our latex or memory foam mattresses, or other fine products. Please speak with one of our Sales Agents about available discounts at (800) 508-1008.

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