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CoolMax Topper Full CoolMax Topper Construction

Premium Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Our CoolMax ® Mattress Pads have transformed the basic memory foam topper into a soft cooling pillow top mattress pad topper.  Here's a new type of memory foam bed topper for those who want all the unique comfort and sleep benefits of memory foam without the associated heat build-up. This is one cool memory foam mattress topper!

Using top quality 4 or 5 lb density memory foam, we craft a basic mattress pad topper into a state-of-the-art CoolMax fabric-encased memory foam pillow top mattress pad to help you stay cooler and dryer throughout the night. Nothing compares with the luxury and comfort of our all-new foam toppers with CoolMax fabric. Read more about the benefits of CoolMax Fabric.

CoolMax Fabric

Soft Pillow Top Memory Foam

Now you can bring classic European styling into your home with our finely crafted foam topper. A total profile of 2.5 or 3.5 inches of US-made memory foam with DuPont's patented Cool Max fabric, makes this the world's first "placeable" pillowtop mattress cover. Place it on top of any size or type of mattress suddenly converting it into the most comfortable European Style pillow top mattress -- enjoy luxury living at a fraction of the cost of a pillow top mattress!

The memory foam will cradle you in softness and comfort while you sleep blissfully. This unique sleep system eliminates pressure points and reduces tossing and turning, making this a superior pillow top mattress pad for any bed. Encased in deluxe, quilted Cool Max fabric -- this is a cool memory foam mattress topper. Perfect for the guest room, as a luxurious sleeping mat or on a sofa bed. It also makes a wonderful extra thick yoga mat. For camping, use it in a tent, but be sure to cover it with a waterproof cover.

Only the finest materials go into making our CoolMax pillow top mattress covers:

  • Premium 4 lb Density Memory Foam offers a medium cushioning that incorporates gentle softness with a responsive orthopedic foam
  • Premium 5 lb Density Memory Foam offers a more robust cushioning that is firmer, and provides a more active support surface that also responds -- as memory foam is designed to do -- to your body temperature and weight

How CoolMax Topper Inches Add Up

Profile Dupont's Patented Fast-Drying CoolMax ® Fabric Helps to Cool the Body, Efficiently Wicking Moisture Away
1.5" Compression-Resistant Super-Soft ® Foam
1" or 2" Choice of Premium 4 lb MemoRest or 5 lb Perfect Comfort Memory Foam Layer
2.5" or 3.5" Total Profile Height After Quilting


Each CoolMax Upholstered Mattess Topper is custom-made to order, and production time is 5 - 7 business days. Please let us know if yours requires any customization -- that's our specialty!

See also: Shipping and Order Cancellation Policies.

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