Folding Guest Bed
Folding Guest Bed Folding Guest Bed Unrolled

The Perfect Tri-Fold Hide Away Guest Bed

The comfort provided by this economical hide away bed will make you forget that this is a spare bed. We have had our customers write to say that they have purchased this bed for their guests and then had ended up sleeping on it every night themselves! You will want to do the same.

Built in modern futon style, this 6" thick folding mattress features a cotton fiber foam core and offers both medium softness and comfortable support. Roll it up, fold it up -- it is made here in the USA to meet your needs and store away for the next guest. That is, unless you sleep on it yourself.

Folding Guest Bed Colors

Available in the widest array of sizes for any guest bed -- Cot size through Queen -- you can also choose your own color. Cover material for this Guest Bed is available in a variety of handsome earth colors (see image above). We recommend the use of a mattress cover and sheets to protect your Ultimate Folding Guest Bed from damage and soiling. Spot wash as needed.

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