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Our flagship Perfect Comfort viscoelastic memory foam mattress sets have been designed for both comfort and performance. Using a supportive 4 lb density memory foam, this space-age visco elastic bed has been scientifically engineered to respond to body temperature and weight, offering a luxurious and supportive sleep surface.

For a more firmly supportive sleep, the Perfect Comfort Plus model is enhanced with the use of premium 5 lb density memory foam. What a treat -- and perhaps this version should be renamed the Luxury Perfect Comfort.

This exceptional mattress cradles you in comfort while relieving pressure points via greater distribution of body weight, and a responsive foam support system. The Perfect Comfort Series memory foam mattresses take you beyond the ordinary to the extra-ordinary, and are now available in both 8 and 10 inch profiles. All models of our Perfect Comfort Memory Foam Mattress are on Sale every day!

Memory Foam or Viscoelastic Foam began quite literally as a 'space-age invention' by leading NASA scientists developing ways to reduce the effects of extreme g-forces on astronauts from rocket acceleration.
This technology is now available to you in the form of a memory foam visco elastic bed. We think that the Perfect Comfort mattress series offers the best combination of features and price. And you can easily choose an optional heavy-duty foundation, handsomely covered in an identical matching fabric, speak with one of our Sales Agents if you'd like your new Perfect Comfort Bed Set delivered by White Glove Delivery (fees apply).


How the Inches Add Up -- 8" and 10" Models

8" 10" Perfect Comfort Profile
3" 3" Premium 4 lb Visco-Elastic Memory Foam (5 lb in the Plus)
2" 2" Intermediate Vital Support Foam
3" 5" High Support Factor Vital Base Foam
  • Three layers of foam with a luxuriously supportive surface provided by 4 lb or 5 lb density viscoelastic memory foam. The premium memory foam used in these Perfect Comfort mattresses is known industry-wide for its durability and resilience, and three layers of foam provide superior comfort and support.
  • Premium cover fabric helps keep internal components dry and fresh. This luxurious yet technologically advanced fabric is a handsome and appropriate complement to memory foam, coordinating space-age performance for years of premium sleep.
  • Vital High Support Factor base foam provides incomparable internal support
  • Optional heavy-duty foundation is also covered in luxurious tone-on-tone matching stretch fabric.
  • Please contact one of our Sales Agents if you're interested in White Glove Delivery at (800) 508-1008

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