Dappled Path Wood Daybed Frame
Dappled Path Wood Daybed Frame Ultimate Wood Daybed Frames Ultimate Wood Daybed Frames Ultimate Wood Daybed Frames

Sustainably Harvested Solid Wood Daybeds

 Dappled Path - Forest Park

 With New Custom Oak Color Options

Daybeds are a handsome piece of sustainable solid wood furniture offering the convenience of a sofa or lounger paired with an actual bed. We offer two exciting models of daybed frame, both having an arms and back all in the same design. Both will add a homey touch to any room lucky enough to host it!

The Dappled Path Daybed features a classy design of irregularly spaced and width slats on the back and sides. This unique touch conveys both hominess and a cozy feeling of welcoming. Are you surprised this is our favorite daybed? Available with 27.5" tall vertical side-and-back slatted sections rising 36" off the floor with a 12.5" platform height, in Twin, TwinXL, Full and FullXL Sizes.

Forest Park Daybed  features a horizontal bar back and arms in a design that conveys comfortable familiarity, and can easily blend into a room without seeming too flashy. Available with 8.5" tall vertical side-and-back bar sections rising 25" off the floor and sporting a slightly lower platform at 9.5" off the floor, in Twin, TwinXL, Full and FullXL Sizes.

More information about our VOC-free natural finishes, sustainable and eco-friendly woods and business practices, and production process by our Expert Craftsment is available on our Main Wood Bed Frame Page.

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